Perks Rewards

Trying to make every dollar count? Then start counting your PharmaChoice Perks Rewards.
We’re all looking for ways to save money these days. PharmaChoice is proud to say “thank you”
to our loyal customers by helping you do just that.

What are PharmaChoice Perks?
Quite simply, perks are money in your pocket. There’s never been a simpler rewards program.
•To start saving money with Perks, keep doing what you’re already doing: shop at PharmaChoice!
•There are no forms to fill out, and no membership card to carry around.
•You’ll receive Perks for almost everything you buy in the store - and they add up fast!
•The more Perks you collect, the more money you save.

How does the Perks Rewards program work?
The more you shop, the more you save.
•You receive one Perk for every $10 you spend at PharmaChoice
•Once you’ve collected 12 Perks, redeem them instantly in-store for a $5 PharmaChoice gift card
  (or gift certificate)
•Use your gift card towards your PharmaChoice purchase

Collect this many Perks Save this much money instantly
24 $10
48 $20
96 $40
144 $60

How can I save even more?
Increase your savings even more with perks. Check your PharmaChoice flyer for more money-saving discounts with Perks.

For example you might save an extra $1 off our already discounted price for a leading brand of shampoo when you redeem 3 Perks.

How do I earn extra Perks?
Your savings can add up faster than you think.

To earn even more Perks rewards, buy Option+ products, which give you extra Perks on top of the ones you’re already earning.

Find these specially marked items throughout the store, and also in your PharmaChoice flyer.

Of course, you’ll also collect more Perks simply by shopping at your locally-owned community PharmaChoice!

*Perks are awarded based on pre-tax purchases. Perks are not awarded and may not be redeemed on prescriptions, cigarettes and tobacco , pre-paid phone cards, electronic gift cards, lottery tickets, post office and bill payments . Discount applies to the full purchase price (excluding taxes). Perks cannot be redeemed on products that contain codeine.