Advice for Health - Blood Pressure

How’s Your Blood Pressure?

Blood Pressure is a measure of the force that your blood applies on the walls of your blood vessels as it moves through your body.

A blood pressure reading has 2 numbers such as 120 over 80. The first number measures the pressure when the heart contracts and pushes blood. The second number measures the pressure when the heart relaxes and is refilling with blood.

Blood pressure goes up when you smoke a cigarette and when you are excited or stressed, but it usually returns to normal after the triggering event has passed. If your blood pressure is high all the time, this can lead to hypertension and serious health problems.

Many people don’t know they have high blood pressure because it usually has no symptoms. You may be at greater risk if you:

Severe hypertension is often treated with medication in conjunction with lifestyle modification. Remember it is important to take your medication as directed.

If you have any questions regarding your blood pressure please ask your PharmaChoice pharmacist. We will be happy to answer any of your concerns.