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Welcome to Sherwood Drug Mart

                                            MEDICATION REVIEWS

At Sherwood Drug Mart we realize managing multiple medications
can be a difficult task. That is why we are now pleased to offer
Medication Reviews. This is a private sit down consultation with one of our pharmacists to promote safe and effective medication use.

This service is available free of charge for clients on 3 or more medications,and or 1 diabectic medication that is covered under the provincial government, provincial seniors drug plan or provincial diabetic plan.
Please call us at 902-628-8900 to book your appointment.

Custom Medication Blister Packs

Medication made easy! Pre-organized, pre-packaged doses, fully labeled and customized just for you.

Your medications are always at your fingertips, and are fully portable. This system aids you in taking your medications on time, and at the correct dosage.