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    Feb 6 :8-11 am (or full)
  • Tues.
    Feb7: 8-11am ( or full)
  • Wed.
    Feb 8th : NO CLINIC
  • Thur.
    Feb 9th :8-11am ( or full)
  • Fri.
    Feb 10 : 8 -11 am (or full)
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  • (All times subject to change)

Welcome to Sherwood Drug Mart

Our pharmacists have been helping Islanders with their health and medical needs since we opened our doors back in 1956.

Though our store has often changed to meet the needs of our customers, our commitment to care has always remained the same. Your local PharmaChoice is part of the fabric of this community, and the most important thing to us is being there when we’re needed.

Custom Medication Blister Packs

Medication made easy! Pre-organized, pre-packaged doses, fully labeled and customized just for you.

Your medications are always at your fingertips, and are fully portable. This system aids you in taking your medications on time, and at the correct dosage.